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your jewels are dainty. due to their delicate nature please treat them with extra care!
a b o u t sterling silver
sterling silver should be cleaned and stored properly in an air tight container to retain its original shine. due to the delicate nature of sterling silver, we recommend that your jewelry does not come in contact with harsh chemicals. oxidization over time is normal and to be expected. this can be easily cleaned with regular polishing and maintenance. to best maintain the quality of this metal- use a polishing cloth intended for 925 sterling silver to clean and remove oxidation.
sterling silver 
  • shines the brightest out of all precious metals
  • can come into contact with fresh water with out turning your skin green
  • oxidizes over time but is easy to maintain with regular cleaning + polishing
  • can safely be worn by most people with allergens
  • is best to be worn after using: hair spray, lotion, perfume, oils, etc
  • should be stored in an air tight container to avoid oxidization 
  • can be cleaned using a cleaning or polishing cloth intended for sterling silver

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